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Our company has the expertise and recognition of changing trends in the IT outsourcing and IT staffing market that allows us to fulfill requirements for your business (eg staff augmentation and offshore staff leasing). We are at the forefront of providing key solutions to your business which can help guarantee your success. From talent acquisition to actual operations support and managed services: our company, Netwiz Information Systems Incorporated is your Ideal partner for Intelligent Outsourcing!


Netwiz has been positioned to be a market leader in intelligent IT outsourcing as it provides distinctive approach to co-create solutions and respond to changing demands and business objectives. And with this growing numbers of IT projects, there is an increasing drive to reduce costs and expand operational efficiency.

Now, with this highly competitive marketplace, acquiring hard-to-find IT skilled professionals who have the skills and experience can be challenging. Also, being able to control over the high level processes down to individual resources is a major factor to consider. Therefore, Netwiz Information System Incorporated can help you through its Staff Augmentation services.

Staff Augmentation is a branch of staff contracting focusing in the technology arena, help filling the gaps of specialized skills made available by the outsourcer. Also, Staff Augmentation is an alternative solution for companies who don’t see Project Outsourcing as an option.


This works for foreign companies who would like to expand and set up and offshore operations in the Philippines. This has been done most especially in business process, rich media and technology areas. We provide a fully functional workplace where remote staff work exclusively for the project.

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